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boat under cover in storage yard
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I visited several recommended Triton dealers in Texas and talked to a few out of state by phone back in '98. None wanted to trade for my Skeeter at its wholesale value. While waiting a couple months for my Skeeter to sell, I had ample opportunity to explore boat shows then follow up on several prospects comparing prices and setups.

Now, having sold my boat, I revisited a dealer I talked with at the '99 Houston boat show. There I discovered a new '99 Triton TR-21 still under her shipping covers. The boat was stashed among bay boats in the back yard of Witt Marine in Baytown, Texas, about 120 miles southeast of Bryan near the coast.

Mike uncover the Triton Mike Witt pulls the boat out from the storage yard and begins to pull her cover off while people from this bay-boat community start to gather and admire this "bass" boat.
view of Triton from side Cover off, I see a white Triton TR-21 dual console, very close to what I envisioned as my new boat. It didn't have a black bottom on the hull but several friends had been trying to talk me out of the dark bottom.
View of Triton from back As I walk around it, I notice the insert colors are the familiar metallic blues of the Skeeter I just sold. Talk about tugging on my bass-fishin' heart.

I notice Mike has well organized service bays next to his huge show room and storage lot. Repeat customers there that day compliment these guys.

View of Triton from front My last boat was just over 18 feet long. This one seems so big. The early morning onlookers agree that this Triton is one fine looking bass fishing machine.
Mike and Ray talk over boat options Mike knows I'm well informed from web and tournament friends across the state. He and I decide a deal is going to be made at a fair price. While looking over the basic boat, we begin to talk about options. We add: 

  • a CMC hydraulic jack plate with gauge
  • a Perko power shut off switch
  • upgraded Lowrance lcd depth finders for bow and console
  • upgrade to a "tour edition" 24 volt MotorGuide 65
  • an adjustable plate for the T-H foot throttle
  • a remote oil fill
  • steering wheel mounted trim/jack lever switches
  • Aurora deluxe boat cover
  • a keel guard
  • and most important a Mercury 225 EFI motor with 25 pitch Trophy prop

to optional features already there like:

  • two pro pole seats
  • trailer highway package, spare tire and retractable tongue
  • and a dual pro battery charger.
Ray (left) and Mike (right) shake hands Mike's right in line with other dealers in north, east and central Texas on the price of the basic Triton boat and MFI trailer, but he prices the big Merc motor and added accessories very competitively making a significant difference in a buying decision.

Deal done right, happy customer and happy dealer shake on it!!! That's one of my red Skeeter caps in my back pocket, looks like I'll have to give them away and wear a different hat to promote my new boat. When I'm pleased with a boat and a dealer, I shamelessly promote them at every lake and tournament.

        Update - What a pleasant buying experience that was. Sure, Ray, but now you signed on the dotted line. Now things are gonna change. And, change they did. Things changed from nice to fantastic after the sale. His service people have been friendly, courteous, prompt and helpful. They interact with the factory like a team.

I learned Triton relies on its dealer network for customer satisfaction. It's so refreshing in the marine industry to encounter such positive dealer focus on you, the boat owner. No wonder Triton is gaining market share so quickly... competitive price, quality product, comprehensive warranty, make-it-right service, and emphasis on its dealer network.

While scouting Richland Chambers Reservoir for an upcoming event back in '99, an angler approached me and asked if there was a Triton owners tournament there that day. He commented that there were so many Tritons on the lake. Yep lotsa Skeeters and Rangers too, I replied to compliment his model. We talked for a while about boats and fishin' as we drifted past each other in the cove.

Tritons had one little drawback. You figured it out? They were like a magnet back then. I spent time at the ramp each trip answering questions and giving tours of features and conveniences. Even the bass yanked on my line so they can try out my Triton max-air live wells. Well, that last one was a stretch. I still gotta figure out how to catch bass; I'm just more comfortable and organized doing it.

Eight years later, I am so very happy I payed attention to what my eyes saw not what my ears heard and decided to buy Triton back at a time when competitors were intimidated and talking trash about this high integrity, top quality, great value boat company.

Some of you may still remember the wild campaigns of jealous criticism leveled at Tritons in '98 as they challenged the way their competitors had to deal with quality all-composite construction, standard accessories, 3 year and lifetime warranties, and, most important, service to the customer very uncharacteristic of an aloof boating industry. An entire marketplace changed for the better trying not to be overwhelmed by Triton's revolutionary strategies. Amen.

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