Southeast Texas Area - Triton Dealers

For great deals on Triton bass or bay boats, Bryan Bass Club members have found a great Triton dealer, Mike Witt at Witt Marine, a fair competitive marine businessmen.

If you're in the southeast Texas area, give him a visit and a chance to win you as a customer.

           Witt Marine
700 W. Texas Ave.
Baytown, TX 77520
888-877-4192 or

And, even though they don't carry Triton, don't forget our local marine dealer, Steve and Doug Crouch at Bryan Marine for Mercury service, boating supplies and pleasure boats. Doug is an excellent Mercury mechanic and takes pride in his work.

           Bryan Marine
1008 West Wm.
J. Bryan Pky
Bryan, TX

Stop by and see Jerry Sanders (a Triton owner) if you need to touch up the fiberglass finish on your Triton here in the southeast Texas area. Them east Texas waterline stumps are tough, especially when someone puts iron rods in 'em.

           L & M Fiberglass
7501 Bayway Dr.
Baytown, TX 77520

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Last updated July 4, 2006