Rip's Triton Tips 

Ray's Triton TR21 Setup Tips and
Trouble Shooting Experiences

I believe it helps to share info about options we like, setups we found convenient or solutions to small situations that may slip past Triton's pioneering quality control in their early years.

Approached in a positive way, I feel this helps customers, dealers and the factory keep Triton boats the best in the industry. Please share your great Triton experiences, solutions or tips too.

 Table of Contents      
  General Comments - what I was looking for in a bass boat and my Triton impressions
  Rigging Tips - set up experiences while rigging my '99 TR21
  Settling In Tips - little stuff I learned my first month or so
  Fixing Stuff Tips - things my dealers serviced
  Gadgets Tips - different add-on gadgets I found useful
  Discussion Tips - driving tips, looking for leaks, loading on trailer when big Merc bogs down, comparing '99 and '01 TR21s, and fuel tax refunds for Texas residents

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